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Lucy is an innovative company founded by smokers and dedicated to creating superior nicotine products for adult tobacco users.
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The tobacco alternatives developed by Lucy use the latest in chemistry and flavor science - which means not only are they satisfying and smoke-free, they taste great too.

Discover Lucy CHEW+PARK: delicious nicotine chews you can use in all the places you can't smoke or vape. Convenient, satisfying, and there for you when you need your nicotine but can't step out for a smoke or a vape.

The Top 4 Lucy for Vapers:

  1. Lucy Chew and Park Nicotine | Pomegranate
  2. Lucy Chew and Park Nicotine | Wintergreen
  3. Lucy Chew and Park Nicotine | Cinnamon
  4. Lucy Chew and Park Nicotine Trio
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