Black Ship Package Protection FAQs

Black Ship is a package solution company that provides you with a dedicated resource for finding lost packages, replacing damaged products, and resolving stolen orders. Black Ship focuses on industries that cannot ship via traditional shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL, as operating outside of those carriers can be extremely difficult and uncertain.  Black Ship employees a workforce of knowledgable shipping experts with resources beyond what a normal customer service team would have at their disposal to solve claims as quickly as possible!

How Is My Order Being Tracked?

3rd party delivery services use a more elaborate delivery process than what you're used to with USPS and the other main carriers. The process typically looks like this: your order arrives to a sorting facility on a LTL shipment with other orders, then your order is sorted and sent to a regional carrier near you. After that, the regional carrier will either make the delivery, or will hand-off your package to a last-mile carrier to make the delivery. Due to all these exchanges, proper order tracking is very difficult to maintain as regional and last-mile carriers all have their own, unique systems for tracking. Often, tracking wont start updating until it's reached the regional or last-mile carrier. Black Ship has unique ties into these carriers that lets them get more accurate information, however that sometimes will still take a few days if the order is still in transit from one center to another. 

When Should I File A Claim?

A claim should be filed for three reasons: If your order has not arrived within its promised timeframe, if your package arrived damaged, or if your package was stolen.

Order Has Not Arrived: Double check the expected delivery window given to you durning checkout and in the order messages you’ve received. Be sure to check your junk mail! If the expected delivery window has come and gone, it’s definitely time to file a claim! Fill out the form above, selecting “hasn’t arrived” as your reason and we’ll be with you shortly! NOTE: Be sure to check for any notifications of shipping delays in your email as well.

Package Arrived Damaged: Take pictures IMMEDIATELY! Fill out the form above, selecting “damaged on arrival” as your reason, and we’ll reach out to you shortly for those photos. We’ll then work with the seller and carrier to replace those items or refund your money.

Package Was Stolen: Check your bushes! Delivery drivers love to play hide-and-seek with your package, so be sure you’ve checked the entire perimeter of your dwelling. If still not found, and your order has been labeled as “Delivered”, fill out the form above, selecting “stolen package” as your reason. Please try and collect any relevant information to this claim, including a police report filing. We will request that information from you.

When Should I NOT File A Claim?

No tracking updates – if the carrier isn’t USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL, there is a good chance your order will “go dark” during a stretch of its delivery. This is just an unfortunate symptom of the general disarray in delivery routes these days. Your package will chance hands 3-4 times during its journey and not everyone uses the same system for tracking. If it hasn’t passed your delivery promise time, please be patient!

Need to change shipping/billing address – please contact the primary customer service number of the seller, we unfortunately cannot help with order changes as that may require an entirely new order, depending on the regulations in place on the items you bought.

Cancel order or products on order – please contact the primary customer service number of the seller, we unfortunately cannot help with order changes as that may require an entirely new order, depending on the regulations in place on the items you bought.

How Long Will It Take To Answer My Claim?

Our agents operate from 9am – 5pm, Eastern Standard Time, every business day. We’ll respond in less than 24 hours to every claim unless the claim is placed on the weekend or after 5pm (EST) on Fridays.

How Quickly Will My Claim Be Resolved?

We work closely with the carriers to be able to provide this information as quickly as possible. However, sometimes the answer is awaiting a response from some last-mile delivery service operated by a sole owner. In these cases, it can take a couple days for them to get back to us. In these cases, it can take up to a week to get a full picture of what happened to your order. Once we know, we’ll work with the seller to either issue a complete refund to you, or re-place your order, depending on the resolution your seeking.

Bad Weather And Other Delays

It’s unfortunate but delivery lanes can be postponed or closed due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances like the weather. We will try and update you if these delays occur, and we encourage all of our seller partners to do the same. Any reparations for an occurrence will depend on the shipping policy of the seller. We highly encourage you to read the delivery and shipping policy from anyone you buy from!