Giant Rewards

Welcome to Giant Rewards!

Start earing cashback on all your vape purchases here at Giant Vapes! This program will keep you vaping, and keep money in your pocket. 

We've changed how you interact with our rewards programs here at Giant Vapes. Instead of using this page to redeem your rewards or to view your points, you instead click the icon found in the bottom-left of your window. From there, you can easily see your points, redeem your rewards, and refer your friends. We hope this will give you a better shopping experience with us as you'll be able to access your rewards and points from any page on this website!

Thank you for being a dedicated Giant Vapes customer. As always, reach out to us if you have any issues browsing our website, or redeeming your loyalty awards.

Points are not earned for shipping fees, taxes, discounts or store credit applied to your orders. Giant Rewards points expire after 1 year of inactivity. 

Referral Exclusions & Restrictions: To receive rewards for a successful referral, the referrer must have made at least one purchase at Giant Vapes; the referred party must be a new customer and may not be a member of the referrer's household; and the referred party must use the provided referral coupon code on an order.

Other Exclusions & Restrictions: Select rewards may be earnable a limited number of times. Select rewards may be subject to time restrictions (earnable once in a certain period or available for a limited time). Select rewards may be available only to a specific group of customers (based on account and order-related criteria such as VIP tier). Contact customer service via email ( if you have questions about specific limitations, exclusions or restrictions.