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Stash Pro

6 Cones 84mm (WHITE)

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Make the most of your sesh with the finest cones available anywhere. Handcrafted in India by our team of artisans, Stash Pro cones are designed with a custom blend of premium, organic all-natural fibers for a slow, even burn.

Our cones are made with pure hemp fibers and do not contain any chemicals or additives that can affect the taste or quality of the smoking experience. We also use 100% natural Arabic gum which is a water-soluble adhesive, it dissolves easily and does not leave behind any residue or aftertaste.

The use of natural Arabic gum in cones is a testament to its versatility, safety, and effectiveness as a binding agent, making it a preferred choice for many smokers around the world. This gum has excellent adhesive properties, which allows it to create a tight seal, keeping the contents inside the cone for an exceptional smoking session.

Unbleached Hemp Fiber Blend

100% Natural Arabic Gum

Cone Length: 84mm * Filter Length: 26mm

Rolling Paper Thickness: 13 GSM

1 unit – 6 cones

Box Contains - 24 Units Pro cones, 144 Cones/Box

Carton Contains - 12 Boxes