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Desire Disposables

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Introducing Desire Disposables, an exceptional e-cigarette disposable brand that is revolutionizing the vaping experience. Our hallmark is the astonishing diversity of flavors we offer, each carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and deliver a sensational smoking experience. From classic tobacco to exotic fruits and indulgent desserts, there's a flavor for every palate.

At Desire Disposables, we understand the frustration of batteries dying mid-vape. That's why our disposables come with an incredibly long-lasting battery, ensuring your enjoyment isn't cut short. Never again will you have to worry about battery life or carrying a charger - with Desire Disposables, you can vape with peace of mind all day long.

Coupling excellent flavors with a robust battery life, Desire Disposables is your best companion for both leisurely vapes and on-the-go smoking. Experience the premium quality, luxurious flavors, and unrivaled convenience that is Desire Disposables. Explore your desires, one puff at a time.


This product is only sold in a box of 10. 50mg Nicotine