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Trinity Wax Pen

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Oh, just another wax pen, right? WRONG! The Trinity Wax Pen has a lot going on. The zirconia mouthpiece doubles as a built-in dab tool, and the bottom of the device has a hidden silicone storage container that is leak-proof and smell resistant. It comes in 2 colors, a sleek all black design or a super fun rainbow design. 

We love hidden treasures! The quartz rod on this vape wax pen is wrapped with a dual wire Clapton coil for even heat distribution and longer lasting bowls. There are three voltage variants to choose from, so you can have it your way. The device also comes with 3 additional replacement O-rings and a type C charger. Fantastic value for this top-of-the-line wax pen with cool hidden features!


  • 650mAh battery 
  • Zirconia mouthpiece
  • Voltage: 2.7v/3.0v/3.3v
  • Quartz rod wrapped with dual wire Clapton coil
  • USB type-C charger included