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Does Vaping Really Help Quit Smoking?

Are you struggling to kick the habit? Avid smokers will testify to the difficulties in quitting the dreaded habit. It’s not just about will power; it takes a significant amount of encouragement and deliberation. Studies show that on average five million people struggle to quit smoking each year. Out of the many, only a few succeed. 

What’s more, new quitting techniques have emerged like patches and gums. However, they are only effective in culling the desire for tobacco to an extent. In the face of this, vaping is seen as a viable alternative to smoking. 

Vaping includes use of vapes (devices) like the Voopoo Drag 3 to create dense and flavorful smoke by the reaction between E juice and meshing coils due to the electric current passing through them.  If you are struggling to find alternatives to traditional smoking, this blog gives a complete low-down on vaping that should help you kick the habit.

Is vaping the alternative?

Studies show that vaping can significantly reduce the need for traditional cigarettes. Vaping delivers nicotine without burning tobacco, so no combustion occurs. Some users gradually reduce nicotine levels in their e-liquids. This can help them slowly quit nicotine altogether.

Controlled nicotine intake

Vaping allows for controlled nicotine intake. Users can choose e-liquids with specific nicotine levels. This control can help manage withdrawal symptoms. Over time, users can reduce their nicotine levels.

Reduced harm

Vaping is seen by some as less harmful than smoking. Smoking involves combustion, which releases many harmful carcinogenic chemicals. Vaping does not involve combustion. This can greatly reduce exposure to harmful substances.

Provides a similar experience to smoking

Vaping provides a remarkably similar experience to smoking. The hand-to-mouth action is the same. The inhalation and exhalation mimic smoking. This can make the transition from traditional smoking to vaping easier.

Variety of Flavors

Vaping offers many exciting flavors. This variety can make the switch more enjoyable. Users can choose flavors they prefer. This can help reduce cravings for traditional cigarettes.

Research and personal experiences with vaping

Some research supports vaping as a cessation tool. A study by the University College London found that vaping can help smokers quit. Participants were more likely to quit compared to those using patches or gum.

Other studies show mixed results. Some users end up using both cigarettes and vaping devices. This is called dual use. This may reduce the number of cigarettes smoked overall.

Personal experiences with vaping varies. Some smokers find it easier to quit using vaping devices. Others do not see much difference. Stories from users provide insight into the diverse outcomes.

Some individuals share remarkable success stories. They managed to quit smoking by switching to vaping. Gradually, they reduced their nicotine intake. Eventually, they quit nicotine altogether.

Others face significant challenges. They might struggle with dual use. They find it hard to completely switch to vaping. They continue to smoke traditional cigarettes along with vaping.

There are numerous studies on vaping and smoking cessation. Some studies show positive results. Vaping has helped some people quit smoking. However, results vary. Not everyone finds vaping effective.

Recommendations for Smokers

Smokers considering vaping should be well-informed. They need to understand both benefits and strategies. Consulting healthcare professionals is advisable. Personalized advice can help make an informed decision.

Gradual Reduction

A gradual reduction in nicotine levels can be effective. Start with a higher nicotine concentration initially. Then slowly decrease it over time. This can help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Monitoring Progress

Monitor progress regularly. Be aware of changes in smoking habits. Keeping track of progress can provide motivation.


Vaping is an alternative for those trying to quit smoking. It can help reduce harm and provide a similar experience to smoking. There are mixed results from studies. Some find it helpful, others do not. Users should be informed of both benefits and strategies. Vaping may help some quit smoking, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Quitting smoking is a personal journey. What works for one person might not work for another. Exploring different methods and seeking support is crucial. Vaping is one option among many. 

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