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For all orders with Black Ship Package Protection, please check the Black Ship FAQs for more information and a link to file a claim.

If you added Route Protect at checkout, please file a claim with the Route team here for quick assistance with “in-transit” related issues.

How Is My Order Being Tracked?

3rd party delivery services use a more elaborate delivery process than what you're used to with USPS and the other main carriers. The process typically looks like this: your order arrives to a sorting facility on a LTL shipment with other orders, then your order is sorted and sent to a regional carrier near you. After that, the regional carrier will either make the delivery, or will hand-off your package to a last-mile carrier to make the delivery. Due to all these exchanges, proper order tracking is very difficult to maintain as regional and last-mile carriers all have their own, unique systems for tracking. Often, tracking wont start updating until it's reached the regional or last-mile carrier. These carriers will also update you through email so please check you inbox and your spam folder for these emails.