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Bad Drip Labs is known worldwide for its unique and delectable flavor blends and signature out-of-this-world packaging.
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Based out of New York, Bad Drip Labs took the vaping industry on by storm in 2014, joining the ranks of premium US e-liquid manufacturers.

Self-proclaimed as the baddest e-liquids on the planet, Bad Drip Labs is sold worldwide and is well known in the vaping community. Quality is a top priority at Bad Drip Labs, using only premium ingredients. At Bad Drip Labs in New York, each flavor goes through stringent testing before being able to receive the notorious psychedelic Bad Drip Label. With expert ingenuity and prodigious blends of e-liquids, they have proven why their brand is world-famous.

Every flavor produced by Bad Drip Labs is guaranteed to take your taste buds on a euphoric journey of flavorful bliss. Bad Drip Labs offers a countless selection of fruity, dessert, and menthol combinations that will take your vaping experience to the next level. With the variety of unique mouth-watering flavors, you can rest assured that you’ll soon find your new favorite brand is Bad Drip Labs.

The Top 9 Bad Drip Labs Salts for Vapers:

  1. God Nectar Salt
  2. GRIZZLY | 1500 Puff Disposable
  3. Peachy Kiwi | 1200 Puff Disposable (Synthetic Nic)
  4. Lemonade | 1200 Puff Disposable (Synthetic Nic)
  5. Grapeful Dead | 1200 Puff Disposable (Synthetic Nic)
  6. Pennywise Salt
  7. Drooly Salt
  8. Farley's Gnarly Sauce Salt
  9. Don't Care Bare Salt
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