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MET4 Vapor, based out of Los Angeles, CA, was created by 3 vaping veterans: Ryan Harmon, Ryan (Kip) Bullock, and Kyle Ryyth.
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With a lineup focused on dessert vape juice and made by the SAVEURVAPE team, MET4 is an unmissable line of sweet, indulgent flavors.

MET4 and their flagship Golden Ticket e-liquid were created with one goal in mind: a vapable chocolate flavor. At the time of Golden Ticket’s creation, chocolate vapes were taboo, and often associated with a bitter, funky aftertaste. Golden Ticket throws that stigma out the window with a deliciously accurate chocolate milk flavor.

If you are in search of the perfect dessert vape, the MET4 flavors are a must-try. Their delicious twists on decadent flavor profiles are unlike any other.

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