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O.E.T. “Pursuit Of Excellent Taste”. P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectars’ acronymic name could not better define the e-liquid company’s mission. Randy, the founder of P.O.E.T. raises the industry bar, bringing a new level of both quality and complexity to the e-liquid game.

Randy’s mindset when crafting flavors is unique. Rather than focus on creating blends based on foods, candies, beverages, or other culinary items, he creates e-liquids that replicate his own personal experiences while out and about in the world. One example would be sitting in an Italian coffee shop, drinking a strong cup of espresso while enjoying a flaky, crispy pastry filled with sweet cream cheese, cinnamon, and sugar. Taking that entire experience, and others like it, liquefying it, and serving it up in e-juice form is the goal of P.O.E.T.

P.O.E.T. Electronic Nectars are crafted with YOUR enjoyment in mind. Savor every puff as each one takes you through a unique culinary experience.

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