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Created by the Maryland-based makers of G2 Vapor, one of Giant Vapes’ all-time best-selling brands, comes The Big 100.
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The Big 100 was created to provide simple, clean, delicious, high-quality e-liquid products for vapers of any budget, with its very reasonably priced 100ml bottles. Made with the same premium ingredients used in other G2 products, The Big 100 delivers a bigger bang for your buck. Now made with Synthetic Nicotine!

The Top 5 The Big 100 for Vapers:

  1. Melon Strapple (Synthetic Nic)
  2. Strapple Ice (Synthetic Nic)
  3. Grapple (Synthetic Nic)
  4. Ice Water (Synthetic Nic)
  5. Strapple (Synthetic Nic)
The Big 100
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