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Velvet Cloud is a craft e-liquid line made in San Francisco, California.
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Each Velvet Cloud flavor is handcrafted in micro-batches in a certified ISO7 laboratory with premium ingredients, natural VG base, no added coloring, and no artificial sweeteners.

Founded in 2011, Velvet Cloud has been making artisanal ultra-high VG e-liquids since 2011. Each blend has been developed and perfected with the qualities that Velvet Cloud holds dear - ejuices made with natural VG base that are vegan, with no added coloring and no artificial sweeteners. Their flavors are sugar-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free, and of course, they taste amazing. These are eliquids made the right way, the Velvet Cloud way, and we’re proud to carry these delicious blends here at Giant Vapes.

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  1. Strawb-Gwab
Velvet Cloud
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