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Hohm Tech Batteries

HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger

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HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger by Hohm Tech is simplicity at its best without forfeiting usable amperage or precision, always keeping your batteries safely charged and ready to go!


HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger utilizes USB-C 4 AMP providing continuous power supply and stability. HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger eliminates user error with the well-known Hohm Tech high tech safety features. The Hohm School 4 Battery Bay Charger has a 3 tier BLD (battery length detection) system and a variable input voltage IPR (input power regulator) keeping you and your li-ion batteries safe and fully charged.

The HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger is 100% autonomous, which is why there is no screen on the charger. Equipped with the BLD System, which automates the step-up/down output so both small and larger cells charge at the proper rate (0.5A, 1A, 2A per channel with 4A total distribution) even Li-ion batteries with a PCB/PCM3 are easily balanced to the correct voltage. This guarantees that your batteries integrity is not comprised. Hohm Tech has gone above and beyond targeting safety and performance by integrating voltage regulation. This allows the charger to not stress or damage USB adapters, regardless of the power supplying device.

Li-ion batteries need precise voltage and amperage delivery to ensure reliable performance and life cycle, and the Hohm School 4 Battery Bay Charger is built to meet all of your expectations. With the ability to charge four individual cells at once, we recommend stocking up on batteriesHohm Tech Batteries, so you always have spare batteries ready to go! Giant Vapes is thrilled to bring you the HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger by Hohm Tech.

Holm Tech Product Brochure: Click Here to View

Holm Tech Battery Safety Information : Click Here to View

Hohm School 4 Battery Bay Charger Includes:

(1) Hohm School 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger

(1) USB Power Cord

(1) Manual

Hohm School 4 Battery Bay Charger Features:

• 4 Bay Charger

• 2.0A x 2, 1.0A x 4 / 1A x 2 & 0.5A x 2 (4A Max Combined Output)

• Completely Automated with LED Charge Status Indicators

• Compatible will all Li-ion cells from 30mm to 73mm

• BLD1 System Automates Charge Amplification and Reduction on li-ion Cells

• Input-Power Autonomous Regulator Integration

• Compatible with all li-ion Cells from 30mm to 73mm

• LED Indicator

• PCB/PCM3 Compatible

• Multiple Safety Features: Over Charge, Short-Circuit, Wrong Battery Type Detection and Reverse Polarity LED Display

• Charging in Progress - Constant Red

• Charging Done - Constant Green

• Wrong Battery - Red Flashing

• Reverse Connected - Red Flashing

Hohm School 4 Battery Bay Charger Specifications:

BLD System: > + < 62mm

PCB/PCM Compatible: YES

0V Activation: Enabled @ ≥0.5V

USB Input Power Regulator: Automated

Charge Rate: 4A total (0.5A | 1A | 2A per slot)

Battery Size Compatibility: ALL up to 73mm

Compatible Chemistry: Li-ion (3.6V / 3.7V)


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