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Hohm Tech specializes in state-of-the-art 18650 batteries.
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These vape batteries charge in minutes and leave you with all-day battery life in your vape mod or vape kit. If you’re looking for a fully regulation-compliant battery with a high-performance output and long-lasting battery charge for your vape mod, look no further than Hohm Tech 18650 batteries.

Why should you go with Hohm Tech? Home Tech batteries are fully insured in North America without exclusion. They are IEC certified, licensed, and ANSI / ATD compliant. These 1860 batteries are Ohm’s Law calculated using real-world devices for the most accurate measurement on battery performance. Hohm Tech 18650 batteries are also Human Factors Expert compliance & backing with UN3480/81/90 logistics certified & approved.

Hohm Tech has long been a favorite choice of vapers across the country, and we at Giant Vapes are proud to bring them to you!

The Top 6 Hohm Tech Batteries for Vapers:

  1. HOHM DEPOT 18650 3005mAh Battery
  2. HOHM SCHOOL 2A 2 Bay Battery Charger
  3. HOHM WORK2 18650 2547mAh Battery
  4. HOHM LIFE4 18650 3015mAh Battery
  5. HOHM ALONE 18650 3309mAh Battery
  6. HOHM SCHOOL 4A 4 Bay Battery Charger
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